How engaged are your employees?
Now is the time to increase employee engagement.

If turnover is high or if productivity is low, then maybe employee engagement is the problem. So, how do you measure it? And how do you increase employee engagement?

Take These Steps to Increase Employee Engagement

“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” ~ Oprah Winfrey

ENGAGE RETAIN PROSPERContact Sheila to conduct an employee engagement survey.

  • Measuring employee engagement gives you a way to evaluate the level of engagement in your organization. You can compare changes in engagement over the years.
  • The survey also gathers valuable information on the drivers of employee engagement. Use survey results to understand organizational strengths. In addition, use survey results to identify key drivers of engagement. These key drivers target the prime areas for improvement.

Invite Sheila to speak to your employees about employee engagement and ways to increase it.

  • Sheila’s speech “Engage Retain Prosper” will give you the formula to increase employee engagement.
  • Discover the universal Priorities that contribute to a humane workplace. Build a workplace that encourages the best in each individual.

Organizations –of all sizes– know it’s smart to build a culture that nurtures the best in each employee.

To thrive in a competitive landscape, organizations need to create workplaces that engage their employees. These workplaces nurture innovation, open and constructive dialogue, and goal performance.

Workplace Culture InstituteWorkplace Culture Institute is a consulting firm based in Atlanta, Georgia, serving companies globally. Sheila conducts organizational culture assessments and employee engagement surveys.

Contact Sheila Margolis – President of Workplace Culture Institute–to guide your organization so that culture becomes the force that drives your business.

Take Steps to Increase Employee Engagement and Build a Culture of Engagement