Posted by on May 14, 2017

Why Are Valued Employees Leaving Wall Street?

Why are we seeing high paid finance employees leaving Wall Street and seeking work in start-ups? Many start-up companies also require working long hours and offer less pay. So why are valued employees leaving? Maybe it has something to do with the universal Priorities of these start-up companies? Maybe it has something to do with their culture?

finance employee leaving wall street

Think about exhausting work–long hours with limited time for one’s personal life. Is the work meaningful? Does one have autonomy, a feeling of control and flexibility? Do employees feel safe working in these high stress jobs? Do they feel they are able to bring their preferred selves to the job? Are these workplaces a fit?

It’s easy to understand why engagement is not driven by money. If one receives fair and adequate pay for one’s work, there are so many other variables that constitute a humane and engaging workplace that will attract these valued employees. Rather than living a life where you feel your energy is being sucked out of your being each day, why not work in a company with a culture that supports your well-being?

The culture of a workplace is a big factor when evaluating a job. And the younger worker is not going to toil for a cause that feels meaningless in an environment that limits time with friends and family and only uses money to keep its employees attached. If companies don’t take the time to reflect on their culture and have open discussions on what principles and values will help them be successful in the future, they may soon realize that they’ve lost the talent they need to build their future.

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