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Do You Have Meaningful Work?

Are you a fit with the organization? Are you a fit with the job?

Having meaningful work is a driver of engagement.

Therefore, one of the key drivers of engagement is FIT–fit with the job and fit with the culture of the organization. FIT is important because without FIT, work lacks meaning. And meaningfulness is at the heart of being engaged at work.

Fit-drive employee engagement


Meaningfulness is derived from your work and your workplace. Does your job feel meaningful? Does the work of the organization feel meaningful?

So what makes work feel meaningful? And, do all employees define meaningful work similarly? A HBR article by Kelly Pledger Weeks suggests that although people seek meaningful work, different generations might view meaningful work with different definitions.

So think for yourself, is work meaningful because:

  • it is challenging and allows you to grow,
  • it helps you achieve your personal and/or career goals,
  • it offers you balance–the opportunity to balance work life with one’s personal life,
  • it gives you the opportunity to help others, or
  • something else.

Meaningful work is a personal thing

You will discover that seeking meaningfulness is a personal thing. No matter what generation you are a part of, the source of meaningfulness can vary depending on the individual. Each person should contemplate on what feels meaningful and then find the work that is a suitable match.

Similarly, meaningfulness can be derived from the organization. The organization or workplace has a Purpose that is a contribution to society. Is that Purpose aligned with the individuals who work there? If there is a connection between the organization’s Purpose and the employee–if the organization’s Purpose feels meaningful to the employee–then the workplace is a fit.

Seek job fit and culture fit so the work and the workplace are the right place for you.

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