Conduct an Employee Engagement Survey

What will you measure?

Sheila can help you create and implement an employee engagement survey. This survey will measure two things:

  1. the level of employee engagement in your organization
  2. the drivers of engagement


measure engagement and the drivers of engagement using an employee engagement survey

Measure level of engagement

Level of engagement items measure the degree of engagement of each employee. Items on the survey ask the respondent to evaluate their cognitive, emotional and physical connection with work. The level of engagement items also include items on the consequences of engagement such as whether the employee would recommend the organization or their immediate supervisor to others and their intention to stay at the organization.

Measuring the level of employee engagement gives you a metric to use, on an annual basis, so you can compare engagement year-by-year. Read this post on computing an Employee Engagement Index.

Measure drivers of employee engagement

But even more important, the survey gathers data on the drivers of employee engagement. This information will help you understand organizational strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Survey items cover the pre-engagement threshold motivators of pay and benefits as well as the six drivers of engagement: fit, trust, caring, communication, achievement, and ownership.

Using a key driver analysis, the outcomes of the survey include not only percent favorable scores for all items, but also identification of the few key drivers that when targeted for change, will positively impact engagement.

employee engagement survey

 Prepare for the survey

The steps of the process for planning an employee engagement survey are as follows:

  • Discuss objectives for conducting the employee engagement survey
  • Select the best time to conduct the survey
  • Finalize survey items (to include overall employee engagement questions and drivers of engagement questions)
  • Decide survey directions, cover note, and filtering of results (ex. job category, tenure, department, location)
  • Discuss survey administration and timeline
  • Prepare survey instrument
  • Pilot test survey instrument and make adjustments, if necessary

Administer the survey and analyze the data

  • Administer survey
  • Collect data
  • Analyze data
  • Prepare report

Present results and next steps

  • Present survey results to leadership highlighting key drivers to improve employee engagement
  • Discuss plan to share information with all employees and then create action plans to increase engagement

Share results with all employees and create and implement action plans

  • Be sure all employees receive the survey results
  • With the data and analysis from the employee engagement survey, employees then create action plans to increase employee engagement
  • Implement the action plans and monitor progress
    drive engagement-action plans
    Make Changes to Increase Engagement after an employee engagement survey

One example of an action in the area of communication is to hold one-on-one employee engagement meetings. Each manager/supervisor meets with each employee that the person manages. The purpose of the dialogue is to learn more about what will increase engagement for that individual. Keep in mind that employee engagement is a personal thing. What may engage one person may not engage another person.

For suggested engagement questions to guide your discussion, go to this link to view a slide presentation on this topic.

employee engagement meetings-cover slide


Sheila can support your organization in the action planning and implementation process.

Contact Sheila to help you survey your employees to measure engagement and determine which drivers of engagement will increase engagement in your organization.