Sheila Margolis–Consultant, Speaker, and Author

Sheila Margolis works with leaders to use culture to drive organizational change. Her expertise is in defining organizational culture, managing change, and driving employee engagement.

Sheila MargolisShe holds a doctoral degree in Human Resource Development, is President of the Workplace Culture Institute, and is the author of numerous books, chapters, and articles on organizational culture and change.

Sheila has developed the Building a Culture of Distinction program which can be used to help an organization define its distinctive core culture, and use culture to drive change.

In her efforts to share knowledge in the area of employee engagement, Sheila has established this website. Additionally, she offers information on conducting an employee engagement survey which is an important tool to measure the level of engagement and the drivers of engagement. The survey results identify the best opportunities to improve engagement

This site is a companion site to the website where you can find a full bio and other informative materials. Sheila consults with organizations and speaks frequently on employee engagement and organizational culture and change.

On this Engage Retain Prosper website, Sheila will share information on employee engagement. For those who visit this site, please share your comments and post other resources on employee engagement. The aim is to inform the public with research-based information and suggestions for practical actions to drive employee engagement.

The purpose of this site is to help organizations nurture more humane workplaces that bring out the best in those they employ.